Composed in Rape Symposium - New York City - March 2010

Rebecca Kiessling ~ Ad adoptee who was conceived in rape when her birthmohter was abducted at knife-point by a serial rapist, and then nearly aborted at two back alley abortionists.  Rebecca is a Family Law Attorney, home school mother of 5 (2 are adopted).  International Pro-Life Speaker, and Author of The Heritage House '76's pamphlet.  "Conceived In Rape: A Story of Hope."

Kristi ~ An adoptee who was conceived in Father/Daughter rape/incest.  Out of 6 children conceived in this manner, Kristi is the only survivor.  There were 4 children aborted, and one forced miscarry through physical abuse.  Kristi is now a Pastor's Wife, Adoptive Mother and Pro-Life Speaker.

Pam Stenzel ~ An adoptee who was conceived in rape when her 15 year old birthmother was raped.  Pam is and International Abstinence Speaker and mother.  Her video's have been translated into 11 languages and inclued: "Time to Wait for Sex", "Sex Has a Pricetag 2000", "Character Matters", "Sex, Love and Relationships" and "Take a Look in the Mirror".

Liz Carl ~ Became pregnant after being drugged and raped at 17, and regrets that she briefly considered abortion, though she'd always been Pro-Life beforehand.  She's now thankful she has a beautiful son who she placed for adoption.  Though her son is bi-racial, it has never affected her love for him.  Liz is currently a university student and Pro-Life Speaker from Kentucky, active with Cardinals For Life at the University of Louisville.

Tony Kiessling ~ Conceived when his mom was abducted and raped by an acquaintance who frequented the diner where she waited tables. She was then left in a park and later found by police.  Believing abortion would be killing an innocent child, she raised him as a single mom.  Tony is a University Science Professor and Father.  (No relation  to Rebecca Kiessling).

Juda Myers ~ An adoptee who was conceived when her birthmother was abducted and gang-raped by 8 men.  Juda is now a singer/songwriter, author, Pro-Life Speaker, mother and grandmother.

Irene Van Der Wende ~ Became pregnant after being strangled and raped.  She was given the Morning After pill and then aborted her baby, suffering guilt and remove, regretting her abortion.  Several years later, she learned that she herself was conceived when her father violently raped her mohter.  Irene is now a Pro-Life Activist and Ambassador for the unborn.

Tim ~ An Adoptee who was conceived when his 17 year old birthmother was raped (by an acquaintance who was an older man) and then left on a rural road, later to be found and driven to a police station.  Friends and doctors advised her to abort Tim, but in the end, she chose adoption.

Ildiko Curtis ~ Conceived in Rape, originally from Hungary.  Ildiko is active with Women For Life International.